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Would you rather have a set of new socks every quarter or every month? Choose the subscription that suits you here!

✔️ Free trial
✔️ On all deliveries, we'll cover the shipping

✔️ Receive your socks every month or quarter
✔️ Can be canceled at any time

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Sokken abonnement

    Every 3 months
    Never lose your socks ever again
    • ✓3 paar sokken
    • ✓Gratis verzending
    • ✓Samenstelling naar keuze
    • ✓ Niet tevreden, geld terug
    • ✓ Op ieder moment opzegbaar
    • ✓ Ultiem draagcomfort zelfs na 100x wassen
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Get in Touch

Any questions about the subscription? Share them with us via the contact form

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